Whether you call it Brake Metal, break metal, cladding, sheet metal, bent metal, metal wrapping, or anything else, Foreman Fabricators can help.  We’re a leading provider of brake metal in St. Louis, and we can handle almost anything you can throw at us, from a single piece for a window trim to cladding for a whole building.

Whether you’re an experienced brake metal buyer or just need a piece or two every once in a while, it’s easy to miss important details.  We always want to get your order right, and in over 50 years in business, we’ve learned where most problems with brake metal quotes occur.  To help us get your brake metal quote as quickly and accurately as possible, we’ve come up with these

6 Quick Tips for Better Brake Metal Quotes.

1.    Be more specific than just Lineal Footage.  Giving us the LF spec (lineal/linear footage) isn’t always enough.  It’s best to give us the exact number of pieces you need and the lengths you prefer for each piece.  (Need 30 linear feet?  Do you want three 10’s…or maybe two 12’s and a 6 footer?)   
2.    Understand typical stock sizes.  Stock sizes can impact how you place your order.  We keep plenty of stock on our floor so we can turn your order around fast.  Standard stock material includes 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths, so we can custom fabricate to your exact specs quickly in any length you need, up to and including 144”.   That covers almost every typical job, but we can also help you with longer lengths when you need them.  Just let us know.
3.    Leg sizes have limits. Remember that on longer lengths of 10’ or more, pieces with multiple legs/sides/faces over 7” can be an issue for your fastest turnaround.  But we can meet your specs for almost any size and shape piece of brake metal you need.  (For example, a piece 11’-0” long with a 14-1/2” leg and an 8-7/8” leg might need a seamless weld, or be segmented or modified into multiple pieces.  Bottom line, we can help you get the brake metal you need to suit your purpose.  Just give us a call!)
4.    Specify your metal.  Brake metal comes in many types, gauges/thicknesses and finishes, so you need to be specific.  Not sure?  Give us a call, tell us the application you need it for, and we’ll help you make the best choice for your budget.
5.    Is it an RFQ or an Order?  Be sure to be specific if you’re sending a “request for a quote” or if you’re placing your order.  We understand you need to do RFQ’s when you’re bidding jobs, and we’re happy to do them for you.  Just let us know when you’re ready to place the order. 
6.    Use our Brake Metal Order Form.   Our form is simple to use and has everything you need to provide so we can get you a fast, accurate quote.  Download our Brake Metal Order Form now, or if you prefer, ask us for free pre-printed notepads of the form, and we’ll send you some.

The Security Building on 4th Avenue - A Hidden Gem in Downtown St. Louis

The Security Building at 319 North 4th Street in downtown St. Louis is something you've probably passed by dozens of times, but unless you work or do business there, you've never seen how beautiful the building is.

The Security Building has some unique architectural features. The lower two floors are clad in beautiful pink granite, with pink limestone and brick features above. A steel dome sits above the lobby and art glass tops the entrance way. Foreman fabricated the custom steel framework of the dome and the steel and glass railing that sits above it.

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Ritz Carlton - Antiqued Bronze Rails, Frames, and Panels

If you've been in the Ritz-Carlton's Lobby Lounge, you've seen our work. Foreman fabricated the antiqued bronze panel frames, bullnose, and foot rail on the bar front in the Lobby Lounge. We also made the antiqued bronze panel frames and bullnose on the sushi bar.

The Ritz-Carlton of St. Louis, located in the heart of Clayton, is thought to be one of the finest luxury hotels in St. Louis. The hotel offers 300 guest rooms with views of the St. Louis skyline.

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Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

One of the most recognizable landmarks in St. Louis where you've probably seen our work is Lambert Airport, as our custom metal products are evident in a number of places there.

Most noteworthy, the work almost everyone in St. Louis will have seen and quite probably has laid their hands on, are the guardrails surrounding the baggage carousels. These durable custom handrails have been holding up beautifully for decades of heavy use and traffic.

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Missouri History Museum Brushed Stainless Rails

The Missouri History Museum was founded in 1866 and is located in Forest Park. The Museum features many exhibits including interactive activities such as games, listening and video stations and puzzles for the whole family to enjoy!

If you've been there, you've probably put your hand on a Foreman railing. Foreman fabricated the removable brush finish stainless steel railings in the MacDermott Grand Hall, the Gaylord Garden Courtyard and the Bernoudy Garden Courtyard.

Removable railings allow flexibility of purpose, and increased crowd capacity in public spaces. The History Museum itself has a uniquely calm and tranquil atmosphere. The courtyards on either side of the front lobby are often sparsely populated, and a nice spot to catch your breath. It's a cool place to duck into, any time of the year. As you do, just remember that Foreman will always be there to support you - literally.

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River City Casino Brass and Aluminum Fabrication

River City Casino opened on March 4, 2010 on the bank of the Mississippi River. It has approximately 55 gaming tables and 2,000 slots, and was named the Best St. Louis Casino in 2010 by Riverfront Times.

If you've been there, you've seen our work. Foreman fabricated the brass trim on the canopy at the north entrance and on top the of revolving doors at all 3 entrances to the Casino. If you need a curved piece of polished brass trim to add a touch of class to your exterior, we've got you covered.  We also made the anodized aluminum lattice panels on the south and east side entrances and the aluminum mirror box above the sushi bar in the buffet.  The aluminum lattice panels are interesting because they're nearly invisible.  We made them to match the surrounding painted wood lattice, and they do, perfectly.

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Ballpark Village St. Louis

The Dugout Bar across the street from Busch Stadium sits in the middle of a miniature baseball diamond, and it's a great place to meet up before or after the game.  Foreman Fabricators made the brushed stainless steel bar top, one of many stainless steel countertops we've created.

Foreman was very proud to be able to be a part of the World Series Room in the Cardinals Museum.  We created these aluminum flagpoles that give visitors the feeling of being inside a World Series trophy, and the painted aluminum touch screen kiosks in the surrounding rooms.

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Citygarden St. Louis Bronze Handrails

Citygarden named 'One of America's Coolest Urban Spaces'    PDF
Original Article at Thrillist    PDF
Citygarden Article at BSI

Citygarden on 800 Market Street in downtown St Louis is an urban park and sculpture garden filled with art, fountains and water features.   City Garden's interactive sculptures and landscapes draw people in to relax, picnic, listen to music, and watch their kids play in the fountain.  

Foreman Fabricators made the antiqued bronze hand rails that are found throughout the park, just some of the many railings we've created.   Foreman also made the glass rail on the outside terrace of City Garden's restaurant "Death in the Afternoon".

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Edward Jones Dome Handrails

The Edward Jones Dome in downtown St. Louis is a multi-purpose dome but widely recognized as being home of the St. Louis Rams. The dome was completed in 1995, known then as The Trans World Dome, and is connected to America's Center which serves as the convention center.

The Edward Jones Dome got the Foreman touch, in the form of beautiful brushed finish bronze handrails and glass stair rails in the Clarkson Jewelers luxury box seating section.These rails really stand out from the crowd!

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Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden in downtown St. Louis was founded in 1859 and is one of the oldest botanical institutions in the US. The garden includes 79 acres of horticultural display, over 4,800 live trees, and numerous beautiful garden displays.

If you have ever been to the Botanical Garden you have probably seen Foreman's work.  We have our touch on multiple areas of the Garden.   Foreman fabricated a custom perforation mirror finish bronze tree base cover in the visitor's center and made the painted steel hand rails that are found in the Lehman Rose Garden. Foreman also did some repair work on the Climatron; we replaced one of the aluminum horizontal cross bars

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Aluminum Treadbrite Truck Organizer

A local fire department needed a custom truck organizer with extreme durability and a very specific layout for efficient access to emergency equipment.  A fireman in the department had a specific idea and vision of what would work, but there was nothing available on the market to fill the need! Foreman worked closely with the department to come up with a design that would integrate into the available space in the fire engine and still have the capacity to hold the equipment specified.  The end result was a welded Treadbrite box that fulfilled the requirements, and looked great.  The department was so pleased, they ordered a second one shortly after the first one was installed.

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Coatings & Finishes

A wide array of finishes and styles are available for fabricating metal products.  Some items can be fabricated from metals that have specialized finishes or coatings, and in other cases, the finishes can be applied after the product is fabricated.  Polishing is another finish option, and Foreman Fabricators is expert at the process of polishing and buffing to bring out the maximum beauty of the metal. 

Contact Foreman Fabricators today and we will help you select the finish option best suited to the intended use of the metal item.

Lacquers & Coatings:
  Lacquers and other coatings are often applied to metals to prevent the finish from oxidizing and degrading, and to maintain luster.  The variety of available coatings is quite extensive. 

Mill Finishes:  A mill finish refers to how the metal looks as it comes from the manufacturing mill.  Sometimes these metals are treated or coated to enhance shine or prevent oxidation.

Mirror Finishes: Mirror finishes are highly reflective and use very low grit levels to minimize the visibility of grain lines and offer the cleanest, smoothest finished surface.

Brush Finishes:  Also referred to as a “satin finish”, a brush finish gives metal a linear directional grain, and the visibility and depth of the grain is determined by the grit of the abrasive material used to create the finish.  A number system is often associated with the level of the finish.
#3 – This finish process uses an abrasive with a grit of approximately 100 to produce a highly visible finished pattern.
#4 – This finish process creates a slightly softer pattern than the #3 finish, and uses an abrasive grit of about 150.
#6 – A specialized Tampico brush is used in this process to soften the look of the finished grain.
#7 – This level gives a highly reflective finish, but still shows some grain lines.
*8 – The highest level of finish, this process gives a full mirror finish with almost no grain lines visible.

Anti-Microbial Finishes: Anti-microbial finishes and coating on metals can help suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi.  Metal can be procured pre-finished with an anti-microbial coating, or we can apply the anti-microbial finish after fabrication of most metal items.  Anti-microbial finishes has a wide variety of applications, but are perhaps most prevalent in Medical Offices and Hospitals, as well as Restaurants and other Food Service facilities.

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Pre-Finished Materials:
  There is an extensive array of pre-finished metals that can be used to give your fabricated metal item the look you want.  The following links show some of the finish types available: .

Hand Rails / Railings

Click Here to Use the Online Glass Rail Calculator

A recognized expert in the fabrication of handrails, guardrails, suspended glass railings, spiral staircases and stair railings of all types, no other fabricator has the range of skills you will find at Foreman Fabricators.  Foreman Fabricators is also an expert at designing, fabricating and installing protective safety guards and safety railings for dangerous areas around machinery or equipment.  

From simple interior or exterior handrails that will last a lifetime, to beautiful custom architectural designs, Foreman Fabricators is the perfect choice.  We pride ourselves on our ability to produce anything from a simple functional railing, to a finely crafted spiral staircase.

Count on Foreman Fabricators to meet your exact handrail specifications for safety, durability and appearance. We will ensure that your stair or railing project complies with local codes.  We also match existing handrail and railing work for repair or replacement, and we can incorporate other materials into the design, such as glass or wood.

Whether your railing needs are commercial or residential, Foreman offers the types of metals best suited for your end use.  Choose from stainless steel, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and more.  We also offer a wide variety of metal finishes and coatings to enhance beauty and durability.

Contact us today for a quote or specs on any of your handrail or railing needs.

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If it’s made of metal and you’re looking for solutions…

Foreman Fabricators has been an industry leader in custom metal fabrication since 1959.  Whether you need a single one-of-a-kind metal item or thousands of them, Foreman Fabricators can make it to your exact specifications.

We’re known for our commitment to being a top quality metal fabricator, and for working with our customers to get them exactly what they need, on budget and on time.  Our talented team of project managers will help you every step of the way.  From concept, to measurement, spec development, fabrication, delivery and even installation, Foreman Fabricators will help you get the job done right.

One of a kind or quantity…since 1959!

Metal Solutions

St Louis Art Museum – Foreman Fabricators makes visible contributions to Museum expansion with custom metal items including reception desks, trash receptacles, coat racks, shelves and display counters.

Working as a subcontractor with Gravois Planing Mill, Foreman was responsible for a variety of custom cladding millwork with a black oxide finish and a Polane clear coat finish. Despite detailed spec requests and design challenges, Foreman created the precision look envisioned by the architect.  Challenges included hot rolled steel sheet without rust, minimal radius with a v-groove in the back of every sheet bend, the need to build special crates to minimize the potential for shipping damage, and finishing each installation with a 3M epoxy glue.  Overall, Foreman Fabricators and Gravois Planing Mill worked well together delivering optimal work to meet architectural specifications for the St Louis Art Museum’s expansion project.
Metal Parts, Replacement, Repair and Rework-  Foreman Fabricators specializes in the replacement, repair and rework of almost any metal item.  We pride ourselves on our ability to serve your needs for modifying your existing parts, fixing a broken metal item that’s too unique or valuable to throw away, and even replicating difficult to replace parts that you can’t find in a catalog or inventory.

With over half a century of experience in custom metal fabrication, no one else in St Louis can bring you the expertise and attention to detail you need to ensure your reworked or repaired metal item looks and performs like new.  We’re also experts at fabricating a new version of your worn or broken part, matching the look and functionality of the item, and even making improvements to enhance long-term durability.  Foreman is recognized as an industry leading resource for contractors and individuals responsible for building or facility maintenance and repair.  Our ability to match and recreate existing metal items also makes us a unique resource for historic renovation projects.  With Foreman Fabricators, you get the peace of mind that your metal repair, replacement and rework jobs will be done right, and done on time.

Contact us today for a quote on any of your metal item repair and replacement needs.

 Street Furniture – Also known as “site furniture”, the terms refer to objects and equipment installed on roads and streets for functional purposes.



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